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  • 1-Is Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mix ready for immediate use?
    Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mixes do not contain preservatives and additives as they are produced with fresh and natural ingredients. Therefore, it is sent frozen. It can be thawed at room temperature with the lid open or by keeping the lid closed in warm water. Re-freezing is not recommended
  • 2- Are Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mixes dissolved on the way for shipments outside of Istanbul?
    Ships packed in styrofoam boxes with dry ice. Dry ice remains unmelted for 3 days, ensuring that Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mixes do not thaw.
  • 3- Can Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mix be consumed plain?
    It can be consumed either plain or mixed with other drinks. You can find the recipe by scanning the QR code on the product.
  • 4- After how many days should the Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mix be consumed after thawing?
    It keeps its freshness for 9 months at -18 degrees, and for 5 days in the refrigerator at +4 degrees after thawing.
  • 5- After the Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mix dissolved and waited for a while, sediment formed at the bottom. Is it normal?
    Since the ingredients are natural, it is normal to see sediment in it. Fruit and vegetable residues can settle to the bottom. Drink by shaking.
  • 6- How many types of Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mix are there?
    Currently, there are 15 types of Loco Artizanal Cocktail mixes. There may be seasonal additions and deletions.
  • 7- How many glasses of drink comes out of a bottle?
    Loco Artizanal Cocktail Mix has 2 sizes, 225 ml and 900 ml. 2 glasses when prepared according to the recipe from 225 ml, 8 glasses when prepared from 900 ml according to the recipe.
  • 8- As Alcoholoco, what kind of services do you provide at weddings?
    As Loco Entertainment Group, we offer bar solutions according to the expectations of couples at weddings. We can serve drinks all night from the existing bar of the venue or from the bar that we will choose from among our bars, as well as serving only cocktails from the service area we will set up in the background.
  • 9- Do you have bar and costume alternatives?
    We have a selection of bars in different designs and sizes, suitable for various concepts. We have over 30 bartender and barmaid costume alternatives.
  • 10- What kind of solutions does Alcoholoco offer to corporate events?
    We offer special branding bars for corporate companies, costume alternatives suitable for the concept of the invitation, accessories compatible with their corporate identities, cocktail and molecular mixology menus. We can serve non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.
  • 11- What kind of solutions do you offer with Loco Academia ?
    We offer online or face-to-face cocktail workshops and different challenge games for corporate motivational games.
  • 12- Do you have an hour or glass limit for services?
    We do not have a limit of hours and glasses. We come at least 3 hours before the invitation and serve until the end of the invitation.
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